Submission Works “Twelve Month Review”

I have been using Submission Works for around a year now, and it is honestly no exaggeration when I say that this revolutionary system has completely changed my life. Let me tell you about myself, I am absolute traffic freak. I discovered early on in my internet marketing career that the more traffic I had, the more money I made. Sadly though, I am not a very patient person. I wanted to make money as far as possible. This meant that Search Engine Optimization and Social Media (blah!) was out of the question for me. As a result I spent countless thousands of dollars on generating traffic for my website through all the traffic programs I could find it. If you can name it, I have used it. Of course, none of them worked. That was until I discovered Submission Works however. This is my review.

Submission Works is a traffic generation system like no other. Unlike other pieces of software you cannot submit as many links as you want. In fact, seven links is your limit. This means you really need to consider hard which links you want to use. Don’t worry though, this means you can really focus hard on making your selected seven pages work for you. Over the past year I have changed these pages regularly. This is because I am a real sucker for split testing, and I want to make sure that all of my pages convert as well as possible. I find that split testing is remarkably easy through Submission Works. This is because all of the traffic is targeted and soon as you submit those links the traffic will be sent your way. Straight away I managed to achieve conversions of around 10%. After much split testing (and a lot of hair pulling!) I am now averaging a conversion rate of around 25%-30%, which may not seem like a lot, but these people are generating me real cash across all of the links I promote, so I have absolutely no qualms about this.

So how much money can you make through Submission Works? Well, the sky is literally your limit. I make a few thousand dollars through this system each and every month, but you can easily make more. The amount you can make isn’t actually down to the Submission Works system, that will always send targeted traffic. Instead it is down to how well you can convert this traffic once it hits your page. If you follow through on your split testing though, you should be making a return on investment within about a month.

One of the gripes I have about this software is that you can only work with seven links, which means that you won’t be generating traffic to all of your sites, unless you have a small inventory at least. However, this does stop the system from becoming saturated, which I guess is going to be beneficial in the long run.

Honestly, Submission Works is an absolutely fabulous system. If you haven’t used it, then you should absolutely try it, even for just one month. You will quickly realize that it is one of the best decisions that you have ever made. So the big question is, am I going to continue to use it? YOU BET!


Ryan Mulder

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Submission Works Proof (Proof it Works)

Submission Works is one of the newest methods for generating traffic out there. For the most part it has gone fairly unnoticed. This is a crying shame really as I truly believe that this is one of the most effective methods out there for generating traffic. In this article I want to share you some of the proof I have gathered that Submission Works really does work. Let’s take a little look.

So why are you here? Well you are probably wanting to know if the great Submission Works lives up to all of those crazy claims that it makes on its sales page. I am going to be perfectly level with you. I have yet to make as much money as claimed on that sales page, but honestly, I have made a considerable amount. In fact, enough to mean that I can quite my full time job. I am confident that if I put the work in I will be able to generate a substantial amount of traffic to my website at least, well, at least boost those conversions. Submission Works already generates enough traffic for me, the ball is firmly in my court to make it convert.

So how do this software work? Well, it generates targeted traffic to your website. You can submit up to seven links at a time to the Submission Works control panel, you can change these links as much as you want. The Submission Works software will generate the traffic for you. This means that you can firmly work on your pages. This means you can focus on converting the traffic. At the start I managed to generate around 20-30 unique visits to my sites every day via Submission Works. 7 months down the line and I am generating around 50-60. This may not seem a lot to you, but since this targeted traffic it converts VERY well. In fact, I have been generating around 20 sign ups across the links to my mailing list every day, just from Submission Works. This is real paying traffic too. At the moment I believe that I am average around $2000 a month, although I have had better and worse months. I know all of this traffic is coming from Submission Works as I am carrying out almost constant split tests, and these sites are being advertised nowhere else.

Like most things in internet marketing, you get out what you put in. When you use Submission Works you need to realize that it isn’t going to be a free ride for you.. You really do need to test like crazy so you can boost the conversions on both your sales pages and your squeeze pages. However, you are going to have time to do this as Submission Works will be generating the traffic for you. If you put in the effort then you could easily make thousands of dollars a month, just don’t expect to do this in the space of week. It isn’t a ‘push button’ solution.


All The Best,

Ryan Mulder

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Does Submission Works Work?

Honestly, I don’t blame you for asking this question. There are plenty of traffic generation systems out there which promise the world and yet, fail to deliver. I, like you most likely have, have spent a lot of money only to find that they don’t work at all, and when they do work the system is shut down within the space of a couple of months. Submission Works does not fall into this category. Honestly, it is one of the first pieces of software that I have used which actually delivers on its promise, time and time again.

So what does Submission Works do? Well, it generates a plethora of targeted traffic to your website each and every day. You can only submit seven links each month, but you can swap these in and out as much as you like. I find that this is of great benefit actually, mainly because it stops links from becoming saturated (and thus stopping the method from working), but it also makes you think long and hard about the links that you want to ‘advertise’.

So how do I know Submission Works actually works? Well, each and every month I am generating a lot of traffic to my websites. I have checked through Google Analytics and I am noticing a substantial boost on what I normally achieve to these sites. In fact, even the sites that I don’t have listed in the search engines yet are generating traffic. Want to know the real kicker though? This is highly targeted traffic. Every single day I am getting genuine people signing up through my squeeze pages, and these are actually paying customers. I know that it is Submission Works doing this for me as these sites are only being advertised through this system. I have use a lot of traffic systems in the past, but honestly, nothing has ever generated me real sign ups before. Sure, I may have generated a couple of Adsense clicks, but nothing more. I really am making money through this system and I for one could not be happier. I know it is going to be hard to believe me, but honestly, check the software out just once, you will see that it does work.

In short, Submission Works actually does work. I won’t lie, it is going to cost you slightly more than other traffic systems, but this really is a price worth paying. If you get your marketing skills right when it comes to creating your squeeze pages and sales pages then you are onto a winner. Submission Works will send you traffic that converts for you, and you will make money from this traffic. In fact, if you do everything properly then you should be able to generate a return on your investment within the space of a week. Yes, it really is that powerful. I suggest you sign up to the system as soon as possible though. Many of the link types are now being saturated, particularly for the popular niches, so jump in there quick if you want to generate money!



Ryan Mulder

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Submission Works Review (Joined 7 Days Ago)

It isn’t often that I praise a product so soon after I have started testing it out, but for Submission Works I think I am going to have to make an exception. Within seven days of using this software I have made a substantial return on my investment. So what is submission works all about? Let me explain.

This is a brand new traffic generation service. To be perfectly honest, I am not 100% sure how it generates traffic, in fact, I am not even 50% sure. However, I do know that for the past seven days it has been generating a substantial amount of traffic to my website. This isn’t junk traffic either, oh no, it is real targeted traffic. The way the software works is that you have an easy to use administration panel. In fact, even if you aren’t up to date on your technical knowledge you should find it rather simple to use. In this software you will be able to input seven links each month to be promoted via the Submission Works method. Whilst any type of link is accepted, you need to be aware that in order to avoid saturation of this method, certain types of links are not longer being accepted. Thankfully however, you can check whether your site will be accepted by the software before you sign up. Hurry though! These spaces are filling up rather quickly, so before you know it your link may be saturated, I know some of my sites will never have the chance to be promoted through this wonderful software, but that’s fine. Somebody else gets to benefit from this wonderful software! My only real gripe is that you can only promote seven links at a time through this method. Thankfully however, you can swap out your links whenever you want, which means that if you find something isn’t working well, it can be quick to change them over.

So what am I using submission works for at the moment? Well, the very thing you should be using it for. That is to split test your squeeze pages and sales pages. Due to the amount of traffic you will be able to generate through this method, at a relatively cheap price in fact, you will be able to split test rather easily. Constantly narrowing down your pages until you hit the nail on the head. Bear in mind that Submission Works can only generate the traffic for you. It is up to you to use it in such a way that you can make money from it.

I won’t lie, submission works is a rather expensive service compared to some of the other ways to generate traffic out there. However, it is one of the only ones that has made me a substantial amount of profit in such a short space of time. In fact, I had made my money back within four days. As I said before, I will change my links in and out rather frequently to keep checking results. From what I can tell however, this is a piece of software that I am going to be using for the foreseeable future.


Ryan Mulder

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